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GoToSocial for YunoHost

Integration level Working status Maintenance status

Install GoToSocial with YunoHost

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This package allows you to install GoToSocial quickly and simply on a YunoHost server. If you don't have YunoHost, please consult the guide to learn how to install it.


GoToSocial is an ActivityPub social network server, written in Golang.

With GoToSocial, you can keep in touch with your friends, post, read, and share images and articles. All without being tracked or advertised to!

GoToSocial's logo, a stylized sloth head

Documentation is at

Shipped version: 0.7.1~ynh2


Screenshot of GoToSocial

Disclaimers / important information

GoToSocial is still in alpha and may be unstable. You can read the roadmap to check the progress of GoToSocial's features.

GoToSocial require a dedicated root domain, for example: gotosocial.domain.tld.

This package is not-working SSO (single-sign on) or LDAP integration.
You will have a separate account from the rest of your Yunohost server, potentially with a different username and password.

GoToSocial does not provide a user interface.
You will need to use a Mastodon-compatible client such as Tusky on Android or an instance of Pinafore on the Web.

Things to know


You can login with your admin user (the one automatically created at the instalaltion) to or using the public instance to administrate your GoToSocial instance.
The source code of this administration panel is available on github.
The GTS admin panel documentation.

In this administration interface, you can configure the following things:

  • The name of your instance
  • Its description
  • Your contact e-mail address
  • The referring user
  • Blocked domains (not to federate with)


You can configure your instance using the config panel integrated in Yunohost, you will find it in the admin interface of your Yunohost by following these steps:
Applications > gotosocial > Configure this app (Config Panel)

In this control panel you can configure the following things:

  • Account configuration :
    • Are registrations open?
    • Manual validation of registrations?
    • Required reason for registration?
  • Media configuration
    • Maximum image size
    • Maximum video size
    • Minimum number of characters for media descriptions
    • Maximum number of characters for media descriptions
    • Number of days media can be cached
  • Post configuration
    • Maximum number of characters for a new post
    • Maximum number of characters in a Content Warning / subject of a new post
    • Maximum number of options for a poll
    • Maximum number of characters for a poll option
    • Maximum number of media that can be added to a post

Note: Do not edit the config.yaml file by hand. Always use this config panel instead. Otherwise your changes will be deleted at each update!

Command line (CLI)

To use the GoToSocial command line, you first need to place yourself in the folder of your instance:
cd /var/www/gotosocial/ or cd /var/www/gotosocial__x/ (where x is the installation number of your instance, in the case of multi-installation)
Feel free to refer to the GoToSocial command line documentation.

User creation

To create a new user, proceed as follows:

./gotosocial --config-path config.yaml admin account create --username some_username --email --password 'SomeLongAndComplicatedPassword'

./gotosocial --config-path config.yaml admin account confirm --username some_username

And to promote them as an administrator of your instance:

./gotosocial --config-path config.yaml admin account promote --username some_username

🔴 Antifeatures

  • Alpha software: Early development stage. May contain changing or unstable features, bugs, and security vulnerability.

Documentation and resources

Developer info

Please send your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that.

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade gotosocial -u --debug

More info regarding app packaging: